The heart of the Wildebeest Bicycles' operation is wheelbuilding, spoked bicycle wheels of almost any type or size. Wildebeest began offering frames in 2006, but I, the Chief Everything Officer of the operation, have been a bike wrench longer than I have been a framewright, and I enjoy building wheels more than any other shop task one can name.

All wheels built by Wildebeest are hand-laced, trued and tensioned by one person and one person alone. These wheels will last a long time, provided they are not subjected to acts of injurious irresistible force, and will be trued and maintained for free throughout their useful lives by the shop rat(s) at Wildebeest.

Wheelbuilding prices will always include the standard Wildebeest shop labor rate of $55 per hour; component parts' costs are additional, but due to the variety of options available, the final wheel prices vary significantly. Please, by all means - inquire about superior, handbuilt Wildebeest wheels.
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