I have been a professional bicycle mechanic for more than two decades, longer even than I have been torching custom frames. Regardless of what machine you choose to ride, I am delighted to help you keep that whip going for as long as is possible.

Preventive maintenance, routine service, major repairs, complete overhauls, new bicycle assembly, packing a bike for shipping - Wildebeest Bicycles does all of that.

In addition, both as part of determining the design approach of a custom frame, AND in the worthwhile effort of dialing in a rider's comfort on any bike, Wildebeest offers fit consultation, using a Waterford FitMaster adjustable stationary bike.

And another thing - Wildebeest conducts bicycle maintenance classes; custom frame philosophy and design lectures; and bike repair pop-ups, on demand and by appointment. Consult the upcoming events link to see more.

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