Steel Frames and Forks.

Wildebeest Bicycles was founded in 2006 to provide handmade bicycle frames and forks to folks who want bikes that truly fit them, physiologically and stylistically, as well as riders who want to own and ride bikes that are visually unique and functionally ideal.

Not everyone really and truly needs a custom bicycle, especially given how many bike brands, models, styles and options there are in the bike industry. A custom bicycle is rarely the way to go for riders who are driven fundamentally by price; however, for a rider driven by value, the extra cost of a bicycle designed specifically for that rider is inevitably worthy, as the subsequent riding experiences will likely prove far more satisfying.

Of the big four most common bicycle frame materials- steel, aluminum, titanium and carbon fiber- Wildebeest builds only with steel tubing, and steel and stainless steel parts and fittings.

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