Handbuilt frames and forks from Wildebeest are very reasonably priced, considering the nature of the work required to create them. At one point in time, I had a number of different models, each named with a reasonable description as to what made that model different from the others.

The new version of Wildebeest Bicycles is not built around the idea of specific models - rather, the frameset that I will build for you is derived from your physical measurements, your riding habits, and most importantly, how you want to use the bike I build. My "model" names are unimportant, because every Wildebeest to date has been different from every other one.

Therefore, the only thing that is consistent from one Wildebeest frameset to the next is the reality of many hours of trained, detailed hand labor to bring that frameset into existence. The work is the work, regardless of whether you long for a mountain hardtail, or a pavement touring rig, or an any-and-all surface do-everything machine.

I plan on spending forty hours of dedicated time to building your frame (and, depending on the complexity of your design, it could be more than that), so, my base price for ANY Wildebeest frame or fork starts with the cost of my labor, plus the costs of materials. A very basic touring frame, these days, will require $500-700 worth of materials. With a base-line Wildebeest labor rate of $59 per hour, simple math will produce a beginning estimated price of $2860... ($59 x 40 hours plus $500 in materials).

It is easy to acquire a bicycle for less money, but the value of a bicycle built up around a frameset that has been built specifically for YOU must be factored into the equation.

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