Prices - frames, framesets, forks.

The Migrator starts at $1777.00 for a frame, or $1977.00 for a frame and steel fork.

This is the touring Wildebeest, and the flagship of the shop. This frameset will have the various appointments one would expect on a touring frameset - bosses for racks on frame and fork, mounting points for at least three bottle cages, geometric clearance for fenders, et cetera - and past editions have been built to run rim brakes or disc brakes.

The Cycleacross starts at $1667.00 for a frame, or $1867.00 for a frame and steel fork.

This is the 'cross Wildebeest, or "sport tourer" if that egregious phrase (which nobody at the Wildebeest campus is allowed to use) makes it clearer. This frameset is not usually quite as brazeon-heavy as the Migrator would be, and the geometry is a bit sportier. A true all-around Wildebeest, the best choice for anyone looking to have one bike for just about everything.

Mountain is an area not heavily explored in the first incarnation of Wildebeest Bicycles (2006-2013, in a much colder land...), so there is not a starting price point to list here. Wildebeest has constructed a couple of very successful mountain bikes to date, so do not give up hope.

Inquiries are welcomed, but please be aware that any off-road Wildebeest will be a hard-tail frame; there are no plans to ever offer rear suspension on a Wildebeest frame.

The Basic Road starts at $1557.00 for a frame, or $1757.00 for a frame and steel fork.

This is a straight-ahead road frame, a modern armature with one pedal firmly in the bicycling past. Fine materials, fewer bosses, rim brakes, light and fast. Enough said.

S and S Bicycle Torque Couplers can be built into almost any Wildebeest frame, and some existing frames can be retrofit as well - add $500 to the price of any of the framesets listed above.

If you already know what S&S Couplers are, then you need not read any explanations. If you do not know what I am talking about, email me or call the shop.

(HINT: if you travel with a bicycle, you will want to know about S&S Couplers...)

Painting is not a service offered by Wildebeest. Do not worry - if you procure a frameset from Wildebeest, it WILL be painted or powdercoated, just not by us.

Prices shown above include a one-color powdercoat finish; more involved finishes are priced on request.

(Painting and powdercoating is an art unto its own, and I got into this work for the metalworking part, which is the cake to paint's icing. If I wanted to paint, I would be a painter, not a framewright.)

But, do you need to get a bike frame painted? If you are in the Twin Cities, MN area, or, actually if you are anywhere, you should take or send your painting projects to the guy who previously painted Wildebeests - Anthony the Painter.

The Custom Frame Process starts with an email, most often, and/or a phone call. I like to have the opportunity to write or talk about your bicycling experience, desires, and current and past bikes - this helps me determine if, (1) I am the best builder to execute your custom bike dreams, and (2) my work load and anticipated lead time works for you and your needs.

I have no problem recommending other builders, should I not be the ideal choice for your project.

If you decide to own a Wildebeest, plan on about six weeks from the time you agree to the final design plan until you receive your frame/frameset/bicycle.

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