The I (or me, or us) that pops up throughout this website represents the only biped currently punching a timeclock here at Wildebeest; I am called Nathaniel, or diminutively g n a t.

I provide this information only for those who wish it provided. If it sways you one way or the other with respect to doing business with Wildebeest, so be it.

I was reared in the Republic of Texas, but left there in 1993 to pursue adventure in the Midwest. In 2014, after more than twenty years in, first, Chicago, then Minneapolis, I made it back to a warmer, sunnier latitude - the high desert of New Mexico.

I have ridden bicycles since I was four or so years of age. My dad got me going in one fruitful afternoon, no training wheels, elbow pads or helmet (it was the 60s, c'mon...), and I have been going on two wheels ever since. I am a very bad, neglectful car owner, and riding a bike was and is a necessary reality as well as an avenue to fitness and adventure.

Out of a sense of mechanical curiosity, but even more driven by student/musician lifestyle-imposed poverty, I began tinkering with my own bikes many years ago. Eventually, specifically late spring of 2001, the time came to exit the food business in which I had been, in one gig or another, since 1983; on that note, I tickled the itch and went to confirm what I already knew and learn what I did not know about wrenching bikes at United Bicycle Institute, out in Oregon.

Since the autumn of 2002, I have been a full-time bicycle mechanic, enjoying the wealth, fame and notoriety that is endemic to the bicycle business. I went back to UBI in 2005 to see what framebuilding in steel was all about. I started Wildebeest Bicycles in 2006, building chromium/molybdenum-enhanced steel bicycle framesets.

I closed the first incarnation of Wildebeest in early 2014, as a necessary step to facilitate the move to New Mexico that same year. A number of projects postponed the resumption of 'beestly activities (full-time wagework, buying a house, that sort of stuff) to spring of 2017.

Anyone wishing to consider trading a fine-quality Portuguese guitarra for a fine-quality steel bicycle frameset should send me an electronic mail-o-gram...

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